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"We are proud to play a part in supporting our 
Te Tauihu 
Dave Ashcroft, Chair
Top of the South
Community Foundation

Our Mission

" To encourage and enable generosity for the benefit of communities 
in the Top of the South"

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Who we are

Top of the South Community Foundation is a charitable foundation created for the people of Te Tauihu, by the people of Te Tauihu.

We are committed to assisting the growth and prosperity of our rohe – Nelson, Tasman, and Marlborough, through community giving.

We encourage and inspire generous donors to connect with projects and causes that are dear to their hearts. We invest and grow donor’s gifts, distributing the income earned, so that their gift will keep giving for generations to come.

We are here to fulfil your giving wishes - large or small, one-off or regular, individual or corporate, via payroll, or your own unique approach.

 Top of the South Community Foundation provides the charitable framework, professional financial oversight and governance to ensure your giving generates the maximum good and creates an inter-generational legacy.
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Our Journey

Our story begins back in 2010, when a small group of people founded the Nelson Bays Community Foundation with a view  to give back to the region they love.  Their aim was  to inspire others to do the same.

Like all of us , they want to see our rohe prosper now and into the future.  They believed that if  the community could be drawn together with a common purpose, we could achieve something much greater with more meaningful and enduring impact than if everyone simply ‘did their own thing’.

In December 2018, we adopted the name "Top of the South Community Foundation" to better reflect our purpose to serve all the communities of Te Tauihu.

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