Our grant process

"Thanks to your donors, we are able to provide many local children with increased opportunities for learning and development, now and into the future."
Nicola Hayman
 Grants Coordinator
Stoke Toy Library
Top of the South Community Foundation is a donor-led organisation, and at all times we respect and fulfil the wishes of our generous donors.
Our Trustees will also annually make grant distributions from our General and Environment Funds where Trustees have the discretion to decide on recipients, based on our funding criteria.

Grant timings

The Foundation runs one major grant round per year, with applications opening on 1 April, and closing on 30 June. Decisions then made, and grants distributed before the end of September.

Funding levels

We will typically make grants up to $1,000, and may consider applications up to $3,000 with a view to supporting only part of an application.

For more info on our funding priorities and guidelines.

The Tindall Foundation grants

Alongside our own funding round, we assist The Tindall Foundation with their annual grants round across the Top of the South.
We are very proud of our Local Allocation Committee (LAC) relationship with The Tindall Foundation, which enables us to be the local eyes and ears for them. For more information or to apply for a grant through The Tindall Foundation visit The Tindall Foundation website.

Apply for funding

Applications for our annual funding rounds open on 1 May, and close on 1 July.
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