Ways to make a gift

Everlasting generosity made easy.
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We get to know you

Top of the South Community Foundation will take the time to get to know you and work closely with you and your family or organisation to fulfill your gifting wishes.  A gift of any size will assist in creating meaningful impact in our communities.

Living Giving

  • Establish a Named Fund of your own, to benefit causes that are dear to your heart.
  • Contribute to our General Fund that supports community groups in Te Tauihu.
  • Contribute to our Environmental Fund that supports our environment, including sustainability initiatives.
  • Make a one-off or regular gift to one of our existing Community Group Funds.
  • Contribute personally to local causes via Payroll Giving.
  • Contribute to local causes as a business and engage your employees in Workplace Giving.

Ways to give later

To plan arrangements now for your future gifting you can make a bequest in your Will or Trust. You could make a decision to :

  • Start your own Named Fund, benefiting local causes that are dear to your heart.
  • Contribute to one of our existing Community Group Funds.
  •  Contribute to our General or Environment Funds, with our Trustees making annual grant decisions on your behalf.
  • Assign personal assets to the Foundation at a future time.

Check out our Wills Pack for more information, or contact us at any time.

Want to consider a gift?

We would love to help walk you through the various gifting options and the process involved. We appreciate that it is important for you to fully understand who we are at the Foundation, and we’d relish the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss your gifting thoughts. We are ready to answer questions, provide information, and help you in whatever way you wish to enable you to make an informed gifting decision.

“Donors who support Top of the South Community Foundation enable crucial local projects to be completed”.
Cynthia McConville
Chair, Mohua (Golden Bay) Blue Penguin Trust

Make a lasting difference

Act now to begin building your legacy through Top of the South Community Foundation
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