FAQ's about community foundations

No, community foundations have existed globally since the early 1900's.  The first New Zealand community foundation was the Acorn Foundation, which was founded in 2003.  Aotearoa currently has seventeen community foundations from Northland to Wakatipu in the deep South.
Community Foundations are all about working with local people to make an even better region to live in. They provide a way for people to give locally. Their gift is invested and will keep giving to their region forever, to causes they have chosen to support. The Community Foundation helps generous locals set up their fund and make distributions on their behalf.
Anyone who wants to be! With the Community Foundations' complete giving model there is a way for everyone to help whether it be big or small, now or later. See how you can make a gift.
Charitable organisations in the Tasman, Golden Bay , Nelson and Marlborough regions,  as directed by donors wishes and the needs of our community.

Donor FAQs

Your lawyer can help you with this and we do recommend that you seek professional advice. Top of the South Community Foundation has prepared a tool kit for your use that will help guide you through the process.

We ask our Donor's to complete a Memorandum of Wishes (MoW) that reflects their gifting wishes.   
‘Named’ Funds specify the charities and causes that donors wish to support. All untagged funds are distributed annually to local organisations who have applied for support. The Trustees know our community well and make their granting decisions based on the current needs of our community.
One of the main advantages of gifting through the Foundation is that it offers you the opportunity to support specific organisations on an annual basis. Your ongoing gifts are really helpful and assist organisations with their goal of long-term financial sustainability. Donor gifts that are given directly to Charities are most often spent on everyday needs, and hence many people prefer to give to their chosen causes using the Community Foundation giving model, so their gift continues to grow and lasts forever.
Please talk to us about causes close to your heart, and we will work with you to achieve your goals through establishing one simple fund.
Our Trust Deed stipulates that the on-going governance of Top of the South Community Foundation is subject to strict criteria, that ensures we will be able to take the same care of your donation now and in the future despite any Trustee or staff changes that occur.  Top of the South Community Foundation will report to you annually on your giving, and communicate throughout the year via our newsletter, website and social media pages.

Applicant FAQs

We currently have one funding round per year, that opens 1 May and closes June 30.  Only applications received by the 30th June will be considered for that funding round.  
We will typically make grants up to $1,000, and may consider applications up to $3,000 with a view to supporting only part of an application that priorities;
• Protecting the environment
• Advancing education
• Supporting charitable needs (including for Māori and all ethnic groups)
• Advancing health

We support applications from registered charities across the Tasman, Nelson, Marlborough region.
We will aim to support applications from a variety of ‘sectors’, typically grouping applications as follows;
• Culture and arts
• Community support
• Environmental
• Family services / support
• Health services / support
• Specialist needs
• Sports and recreation
• Youth education
• Youth groups
Our grant application process is transparent and addresses the wishes of Donors, Funding Partners and the interests of applications that fit our criteria.
Applications are reviewed and allocated to funds when they best match our criteria,  Donors and Partners wishes, and the interests of the application.
Where a donor wants to be involved in the decision-making process, they receive a shortlist of applications that match their funds purpose and we take their wishes into consideration.
We contact all applicants on the outcome of their application when the above process is final.
Yes, your applications must either be for separate projects/reasons or for separate portions of your total funding requirements (i.e. If you need $3,000 you can make separate applications, but you cannot apply for the full $3,000 from both funders).   In your application you will be asked to summarise your proposed funding, including this application and all other sources.

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