Clifton Terrace School Fund

Creating a long-term revenue focus to assist the school’s financial sustainability


About the fund

The Clifton Terrace School Fund was established in November 2022, in partnership with Top of the South Community Foundation, we know others exist around the country already, they’re certain to become more popular, but we’re proud to be the first in the region.
Gifts to this fund are invested and grown, and the ongoing income benefits students of today, the students of tomorrow, and generations to come.

The fund was established thanks to a generous gift from a current school family. The hope is that ongoing gifts from the local community, along with revenue from specific events, will continue to grow the fund, forever.

Income generated from the fund will help to fund school equipment, maintenance, classroom supplies, and extended curriculum activity otherwise unaffordable, and the likes of school trips.

There will be ongoing benefits for the students with them being actively involved in understanding what the fund is about – it’s ethos, goals, and the contribution it will make to the school’s sustainability and the wider community.

Students will help to create a culture of giving and supporting the community which ultimately connects back to the Clifton Terrace School values and vision.

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