Clifton Terrace School Legacy Fund

Creating a long-term revenue focus to assist the school’s financial sustainability


About the fund

In late 2022 Clifton Terrace School launched the Clifton Terrace School (CTS) Legacy Fund at the instigation of a generous donor.

It is an exciting & sustainable way to ensure the current and future children of Clifton Terrace School have access to resources and opportunities.

The CTS Legacy Fund is designed to offer opportunities and resources over and above normal Government Funding (for day-to-day running) or Home & School Fundraising (one-offs not covered by government funding – pool covers, outdoor courts etc)

This means Clifton Terrace School kids are set up for the absolute best start to their intermediate, then college, then adulthood journeys.  Who knows, perhaps something the Legacy Fund offers kicks starts a passion not previously known about!

What does the Legacy Fund aim to provide?

In time we envisage the CTS Legacy Fund providing opportunities in the following areas;

  • Scholarships: music lessons, art, drama, higher education, sports, languages
  • Excellence in STEM
  • Excellence in Wellbeing & Resilience
  • Excellence in Financial Literacy
  • Skills acquisition opportunities ie. sport, biking

Together we can make a difference

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